PMU Eyebrow Techniques

What is Microblading? 

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows. With microblading a permanent makeup artist can create almost any brow look. For microblading, the artist uses tiny needles to manually create hair like strokes on the eyebrow. This technique gives the most natural eyebrow look 

What are Combination Brows? 

Combination Brows are a semi-permanent tattoo technique that is a combination of the Microblading technique and Powder Brow technique. Combination Brows are created with tiny needles that replicate hair strokes and a machine to give the brows more definition and depth. Combination Brows are best for clients who want a natural brow with a soft makeup look.   

What are Powder Brows?

Powder Brows are a semi-permanent tattoo technique that gives a "powder" or ombre look instead of individual hair strokes. Powder brows use a machine to create the eyebrow. Powder Brows are best for those who want a soft makeup look 24/7.